Sociocultural Sustainability

Sustainability applies both to nature and also to local cultures and traditions. Any culture that’s different from our own is a new experience and something worth seeing, respecting and understanding. Almost everywhere we go there is an indigenous culture, or features that characterize a specific group or population.

In Costa Rica, there are still small indigenous tribes who have their own native languages and traditions, such as the Bribri, Cabecares, Guaymies, Maleku and Borucas. On top of that, Costa Ricans, in general, have a very characteristic way of life. We are proud of our culture and traditions and we want tourists to share it, respect it, enjoy it and help us practice a socially sustainable tourism that preserves our culture for the next generations to enjoy.

Please keep the following socially sustainable tips in mind while you visit Costa Rica, to help us preserve our cultures and traditions:

  • Do not take, keep or commercialize any Costa Rican archeological/cultural artifact.
  • Denounce social law violations to the guide or local authorities.
  • Sexual harassment, underage prostitution and drugs are illegal in Costa Rica, and we will report any abuse.
  • Buy local products and support local services.
  • Practice your Spanish and share local cultures and customs.
  • Learn about local cultures and try to understand them, never change them.
  • Respect and take part in the cultures and traditions you experience.
  • Respect our artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage.
  • Try local food; it supports the local economy and it’s delicious!
  • Participate in local festivities and cultural events when possible.
  • Share these conduct standards with other tourists.

These simple guidelines will help you enjoy your trip in a socially sustainable way. We believe in treating other cultures with the same respect we want others to have toward our own culture, traditions and beliefs. Remember, the generations to come deserve the same opportunity to experience all of the world’s different cultures.

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