Environmental Sustainability

Top Travel Costa Rica is committed to sustainable tourism and is proud to include our clients as important allies in our efforts to reduce our impacts on nature. Travel with Top Travel Costa Rica and you too can be an environmentally sustainable traveler! With you as our ally we can ensure a more sustainable operation during trips, making the difference to preserve our natural treasures. These environmentally friendly tips will help you be a more sustainable traveler:

  • Do what you can to protect the natural environment.
  • Ask for CST certified companies (hotels, tours, transfers, restaurants).
  • Support our National Parks System by organizing a visit.
  • Do not extract, keep or commercialize any flora or fauna.
  • Never feed wild animals. You do them no favor.
  • Denounce environmental law violations to the guide or local authorities.
  • Save water and energy at all times possible.
  • Dispose of your garbage correctly and help us recycle.
  • Respect established load capacities in vehicles to avoid burning gasoline unnecessarily.
  • Do not go off of established trails in protected areas.
  • Walk quietly in national parks so as no to disturb the natural environment.
  • Do not hunt, hurt or disturb wild animals.
  • Follow instructions for sustainable practices given by your tour guides and local authorities.
  • Carry reusable bottles. Avoid disposable plastic bottles.
  • Do not smoke while in natural environments.
  • Respect Costa Rica’s law against smoking in all public places.
  • Collaborate with your hotels’ sustainable practices.
  • Share these conduct standards with other tourists.

Environmental sustainability is achieved successfully if we all work together. This is our home and we need to preserve it. Thank you very much for all of your sustainable efforts and your green conscience. We hope these tips will help you enjoy your trip in a sustainable way!

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