Green Your Trip

Green Your Trip in Costa Rica

Make a Difference (Basic Support). Be a part of the change to save our planet. By booking a tour package with Top Travel Costa Rica you will automatically contribute with a donation of $1.00 US. This contribution will be added to the final price of your services to donate to the “Make a Difference” program of the Corcovado Foundation in benefit of environmental conservation.

Top Travel Costa Rica has the policy of charging this contribution automatically to every tour package in order to help preserve the natural resources of Costa Rica. If you don´t want to take part of this contribution, please let us know so we don´t charge you the fee. We kindly urge you to be a part of this noble cause. If you wish to make an additional contribution, please consider taking part of the “Green Your Trip” program detailed below. Thank you very much for your support.

Green Your Trip (Additional Support)

Tourism anywhere in the world impacts both communities and nature. As with any human activity, no matter how much we try to be a sustainable traveler, when we travel we generate carbon dioxide.  The “Green Your Trip Program” allows you to enjoy your vacation in Costa Rica and support global environmental conservation by reducing your carbon footprint. How does it work? It’s actually very simple:

  • Purchase a “Green Your Trip” Certificate for only $20 USD.
  • A native tree species will be planted on your behalf in Costa Rica.
  • New trees will fixate carbon emissions generated by your vacation.
  • You will receive a Certificate for your donation.

Your contribution will be used to plant native tree species, which will reduce approximately the carbon footprint of a two week vacation in Costa Rica. The trees will be assigned a distinctive code, which will allow you and other sustainable travelers who buy a Green Your Trip Certificate to verify the location of your trees via an internet platform.

The Green Your Trip Program is jointly administrated by the Climate Change Alliance Program and the Corcovado Foundation. Top Travel Costa Rica is proud to support this great effort to create a more sustainable tourism industry. Please ask us about the program and consider purchasing a Green Your Trip Certificate through us on your next vacation to Costa Rica.