Security Tips

We care about your well-being during your visit. Security is something to take responsibility for to minimize the chance of any inconvenience. The following security tips will help you enjoy a safe and fun vacation while in Costa Rica:

  • In case of an emergency in Costa Rica, dial 911.
  • Mind your personal belongings at all times. Don’t leave anything valuable unattended.
  • Carry a copy of your passport’s photo ID page and keep the original in a secure place.
  • Use only banks or authorized exchange houses to exchange currencies.
  • Do not engage in any illegal activity.
  • Read up on our Emergency Situations section.
  • Always use your seat belt when in a vehicle and obey all transit laws. Drive attentively.
  • Share these conduct standards with other tourists.

Emergency Situations

Emergency situations sometimes cannot be avoided, but being prepared and knowing what to do in case of an emergency can help keep you safe and decrease the negative impacts. These are the actions to take far each type of emergency.

In case of a fire:Keep calm. Try to put out the fire using a fire extinguisher. Report the fire to the emergency number: 911. Calmly alert everyone in the immediate vicinity of the situation. Help anyone who needs assistance. Leave the affected area as immediately as possible. Protect your head with wet fabrics. If you are trapped, try to alert your situation to others. Provide emergency officials with all of the help they request.

In case of an earthquake: Keep calm. Protect yourself under strong structures or furniture. Stay away from windows and breakable things. Do not use elevators until the shaking is completely finished. If safe, follow evacuation routes to calmly exit the building to a designated evacuation area. If outside, stand in safe open spaces. Be aware of aftershocks. Help anyone who needs assistance. Report any injured persons or damages to the emergency number: 911.

In case of a rockslide/mudslide: Alert other drivers and report the situation to the emergency number: 911. Avoid driving through the affected area and keep a safe distance away. If it’s possible, turn back or take an alternate route. Inform yourself about road conditions and follow officials’ recommendations.

In case of a flood: If it rains strongly for a long time, go to an area you consider safe. Stay informed of the development of the storm. Do not cross rivers or flooded areas. Follow the instructions of local authorities.

In case of volcanic eruption: When visiting one of the country’s volcanoes, be aware of odd volcanic behavior or changes. Avoid breathing noxious gases by covering your face with wet fabrics. Do not go outside officially allowed areas. Follow the instructions of local authorities. Keep informed of the development of the situation.

In case of theft or robbery: Stay calm. Follow the instructions given by the offender. Don’t show any resistance at all. Do everything exactly as the offender says. Report the situation when it is over to the emergency number: 911.

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