Costa Rica Travel Insurance

Better safe than sorry.

I know, i know. Why waste the money, right? Travel insurance may seem like a waste of money, but it can be a real life saver. We do recommend purchasing a travel insurance for you vacation to Costa Rica. Why? Here are some common reasons.

  • Winter delays & cancellations: it’s likely you’be already had to deal with flight delays or cancellations, specially during winter. Better plan ahead. 
  • Costa Rica rainy season: floods are common in our rainy season. Specially on the Caribbean coast. It is common to have tours and transfers affected by bad weather conditions. 
  • It’s Costa Rica: a country famous for its nature & adventure. Outdoor activities, adventure hikes or sports are part of almost every Costa Rica vacation. 
  • Theft: sad, but true. On any vacation trip you may be a victim of theft. Costa Rica is not the exception. 
  • Strike: could happen. We’ve had services cancelled or affected because of local strikes against polemic bills including abortion, new taxes, etc. 

What insurance company should you use? Well, quite simply whichever you like best. We’ve heard great things about World Nomads insurance. Remember, better safe than sorry. Travel safely with a travel insurance and enjoy your Costa Rica vacation. 

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