Typical Costa Rican Meals 

Will you try them on your visit? 

Costa Rica has a very diverse local cuisine that complements its natural and cultural attractions. If you like to enjoy new and delicious dishes, Costa Rica will meet your expectations.

We promise you’ll love at least one of our typical dishes. Are you a breakfast person? We have “Gallo Pinto”. For lunch or dinner, we have “Casado” and “Tamale”. Do you love desserts? We have “Arroz con Leche”. Sea food in Costa Rica is plentiful and fresh due to its two coasts, and also delicious! And of course, there’s always our world famous Costa Rican coffee.

Gallo pinto
This typical breakfast consists of rice and black beans mixed with onions, sweet red pepper, garlic and cilantro. The dish is normally served with eggs, sour cream, fried ripe plantains and bread.

The word “casado” means “married” in Spanish, and the name refers to the eternal “marriage” of its components. The lunch/dinner dish consists of staples of rice and black beans, served with chicken, beef, pork or fish, along with fried ripe plantains, mashed potatoes, and a cabbage and tomato salad. This basic well-rounded meal strikes a good nutritional balance.

Traditionally made at Christmastime, Costa Rican tamales are made from seasoned cornmeal mixed with cooked potatoes, rice, green beans and pork, with maybe some extras like chickpeas or olives. They are wrapped tight in green plantain leaves and boiled in water.

Arroz con leche
This delicious dessert is made from white rice cooked in milk with sugar, cloves, cinnamon, condensed milk and a little lime peel to give a distinctive touch.

Costa Rican Coffee
Coffee lovers everywhere know Costa Rican coffee to be one of the best quality coffees in the world. Enjoy a mug or two of “cafecito” with your meals!

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