Satisfaction Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Agencia de Viajes Valle Dorado S.A. (Top Costa Rica Vacations) reserves the right to change or cancel any of the conditions of the satisfaction guarantee at any time and without prior notice. The conditions of the satisfaction guarantee in force at the moment of the client’s payment will apply.

The client must honor and comply with the agreed payment terms. Any delay or non-compliance will invalidate the right to enjoy our Satisfaction Guarantee. The satisfaction guarantee is subject to the customer’s understanding of our Terms of Service.

The client must inform the situation in detail to Top Costa Rica Vacations. The detailed explanation of the situation must be sent by e-mail to with a copy to within 48 hours of the incident. If the customer fails to timely inform the situation to these e-mails within 48 hours, the satisfaction guarantee will not apply.

The emergency number +506 8353-1759 may also be used to inform the situation within 48 hours, but an e-mail as described above is required if for any reason the emergency number does not answer the call in at least three call attempts. Less than three call attempts will be considered as an attempt to take advantage of the satisfaction guarantee in detriment of the company and no refunds will apply.

All reservations are confirmed from the moment you receive your payment vouchers from our team. The guarantee applies from this moment on. The guarantee is not applicable between the time of booking and the services confirmation e-mail being sent to you.
We will not be held responsible for any situation that is beyond our control. Situations beyond our control include, but are not limited to: weather conditions, delays in services provided by third parties, loss or damage of luggage, services not enjoyed due to your delay or negligence, any payment inconvenience beyond our control, regulations of authorities, activities in public areas, etc.

In Costa Rica the addresses usually take as reference sites of interest, businesses, parks, shopping centers, etc. There are even references to places that have already been closed or do not exist. We will not be responsible for related problems and this guarantee won’t apply.

The photos on our website and those that we provide in our service proposals are only meant as visual representations. We try to keep our content as up-to-date as possible, however photos may vary from reality due to regular wear, weather conditions, renovations, etc. The grantee will not apply for claims related to the differences between the photographic material and reality.

The guarantee will not apply in the case of the closing of operations of any provider included in your vacation once your payment is made. The closing of companies included in your itinerary is beyond our control.

Hotels sometimes vary services provided based on season, occupancy and operation policies. Some services that could vary include but are not limited to: access to all facilities, amenities, bed type, cleaning services and complementary services like hotel shuttles. We can’t guarantee hotels will provide all services listed. This guarantee won’t apply for related claims.

The travel times provided are estimated and only meant to give you an idea. They could vary depending on destinations, stops, road conditions, road closures, traffic, landslides (and other natural disasters), etc. The guarantee will not apply for claims related to delays in travel time or any other services affected because of all eventual delays that are out of our control.

It is common for other customers not in your party to participate in tours, transfers and other services that are not booked as “private services”. We will not be held responsible for the number of people participating in “non-private services” nor for the behavior of others participating in the same service as you.

We cannot guarantee that all drivers and other personnel providing services on your vacation speak English. Rates may vary for reasons out of our control like national economic crisis, the approval of new tax regulations, supplier changes, and/or seasons. We will not be held responsible for changes in rates for reasons out of our control. Changes in the itinerary due to availability adjustments between the time of booking and itinerary confirmation will not fall under the terms of guarantee.