Festivities & Holidays in Costa Rica?

Be attentive and participate in festive activities.

Festivities and official holidays are an important demonstration of local culture and traditions wherever you go. Holidays in Costa Rica celebrate and act out some of the country’s most characteristic features, traditions and history. Environmental days are a great opportunity to reflect on our impacts on nature and the Earth’s sustainability. As for social days, they are important cultural demonstrations and a chance to share with local people and get to know their way of life. These celebrations will enrich your vacation and give you unforgettable memories, while also contributing to the community. Here are some important environmental and social special dates to keep in mind:

  • New Year: January 1
  • World Wetlands Day: February 2
  • Easter Week: March or April
  • Juan Santamaria (National Hero) Day: April 11
  • International Earth Day: April 22
  • Workers Day: May 1
  • World Environment Day: June 5
  • Father’s Day: 2nd Sunday of June
  • Tree Day: June 15
  • Wildlife Day: 4th Monday of July
  • Annexation of Nicoya (Guanacaste): July 25
  • Our Lady of the Angels Day: August 2
  • Mother’s Day: August 15
  • National Ranger Day: August 23
  • National Parks Day: August 24
  • Childs Day: September 9
  • Independence Day: September 15
  • Ozone Layer Day: September 16
  • Cultural Day: October 12
  • Christmas Day: December 25

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