Sustainablitity Policies

Sustainability Policies

Top Travel Costa Rica follows strict sustainable tourism policies, based on environmental, social and economic values, and which are the foundation of our activities in order to be a responsible and conscience company.

Environmental Policies

  • Take actions to save water and energy.
  • Ensure a proper solid and liquid wastes disposal.
  • Respect all environmental law that applies to our activity and denounce any violation.
  • Work with environmentally responsible suppliers.
  • Collaborate with organizations promoting good environmental practices.
  • Reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Create awareness of environmental sustainability with our clients.
  • Buy only environmentally friendly products.

Social and Cultural Policies

  • Train our staff to respect the idiosyncrasies of the places we visit.
  • Be against any form of sexual tourism, especially involving minors.
  • Respect all social law that applies to our activity and denounce any violation.
  • Work with socially responsible suppliers.
  • Reduce our negative impacts on cultures and traditions.
  • Take actions to prevent negative impacts caused by emergency situations.
  • Create awareness of social sustainability with our clients.
  • Promote local cultures and traditions.

Economic Policies

  • Give support to non-profit organizations in local development programs.
  • Encourage our employees to participate in volunteering programs to benefit local communities.
  • Always comply with tax and social security obligations on time.
  • Give preference to local suppliers to support local economy growth.