Sustainable Toursim

Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica

Top Travel Costa Rica is based on values like leadership, respect, responsibility and service, since its beginnings in 1989. As one of Costa Rica’s leading tour operators, we are strongly committed and daily working towards a more sustainable tourism industry.

What is sustainable tourism?
Enjoying tourism activities without damaging the natural environment or local community. Sustainable travelers are conscious that we must be the change so future generations will be able to enjoy the same tourism opportunities that we have.

Sustainable Tourism Certification

The Certification in Sustainable Tourism Program (CST) was created by the Costa Rican Tourism Bureau (ICT) to differentiate tourism businesses based on their natural, cultural and social sustainable compliance and excellence. CST consists of a scale of 5 “levels” of sustainable tourism achievement. Top Travel Costa Rica has achieved and maintained this prestigious certification since 2011 and is constantly learning and changing to become a more sustainable company.

How does CST help me?

The CST Program gives you reliable information regarding sustainable companies which make efforts to offer sustainable products. It also helps you differentiate those companies that are truly committed with sustainable practices, from others that claim to be sustainable but are inconsistent in their actions.

A CST Certified company is environmentally and socially responsible, reduces, reuses,  recycles, saves water and energy, works with sustainable suppliers, complies with all legal requirementes, reduces its carbon footprint and support local communities, among others.