Costa Rica Destinations – Where to Go

Not sure where to go in Costa Rica? Want to know what the best Costa Rica destinations are? Need help deciding which places in Costa Rica to visit? You are in the right place. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, beach lover, adventure seeker, or just looking to relax, Costa Rica is the right place to go. In this natural paradise there are countless beautiful destinations you should consider for Costa Rica as your next vacation destination.

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Volcanoes: As part of the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes with more than 110 volcanic sites, many of which are active. Many Costa Rica volcanoes have been declared national parks for their beauty and majesty. Easily accessible volcano craters, occasional lava streams and natural thermal springs entice tourists from all over the world to come visit Costa Rica.

Beaches: For beach lovers, Costa Rica offers the unique opportunity to explore both the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts just within hours of each other. We are renowned for our rainbow of colors on our sandy beaches (white, black, gold, pink), exceptional waves, amazing marine life and coral reefs; Costa Rica’s coasts offer everything a beach lover is seeking.

Rivers: Costa Rica has many picturesque rivers, which embellish its landscapes. Rivers also offer a great opportunity for adrenaline seekers, for our country has some of the best white water rafting rivers in the region, such as the Pacuare and the Reventazon Rivers.

National Parks: With more than 25% of our territory protected in national parks and private reserves, Costa Rica’s abundant variety of flora and fauna make it truly a natural paradise. Costa Rica’s National Parks are definitely a destination you have to visit.

We’ve listed here in this section the top areas to visit in Costa Rica. For more information on where to go, feel free to contact one of our travel experts who will be happy to assist.