4 Reasons Why “Summer Birds” Love Costa Rica

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4 Reason To Travel to Costa Rica in Winter

For years every Dry Season Costa Rica attracts families, couples and seniors to stay for various months in a row. These “summer birds” are lucky enough to flee from the harsh winter months in their native countries to warmer lands such as ours. Is is just a coincidence that they love to spend their winter months in Costa Rica or do we have some points in our favor?

1) Geographically Blessed

Call is coincidence, serendipity or sheer geographical location Costa Rican summer starts around mid November up till April this time frame covers all the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere from the United States to Europe.  Our pleasantly warm weather attracts masses of “summer birds” to melt their winter blues away under the tropical sun.  Throughout the different regions in Costa Rica even during the Dry Season there might be slight variations in temperature.  You can choose to stay in the Pacific Region where temperature soars over 35° or you might prefer to stay in a mountainous region where the heat is more bearable. One thing is for sure, you will not experience heavy rainfall and you will be able to make most of outdoor activities.

2) Work from Your Vacationing Home

Although most people think that only retired couples and individuals qualify to be “summer birds” that is just but a perception.  Families and young couples also like to warm up during the Northern winter months by migrating South and Costa Rica offers a good telecommunication and service structure so that they can enjoy they prolonged winter vacations while they are wired in and working from their tropical vacationing house.  Currently it is so easy and practical to acquire a reliable and speedy internet and mobile service, your will always be in contact with your clients, friends and family the same way as if you were in town!

3) Great Services

Spending months away from home might frightened a few, you never know if the banking service will be efficient or if you will be taken care of when emergency arises.  Luckily in Costa Rica there is a wide range of private and state owned banks where all the services you need are easily met, plus most ATM’s will charge you just a small fee to process your withdrawal without even having to line up at a bank.  Hospitals in Costa Rica are very efficient too, and if you fear that you will be unprotected while staying away from home for months simply contact your insurance provider and make sure that you are covered while staying in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica possesses world-class hospitals and medical specialists and is currently a hot-spot for medical tourism.

4) Easy and Plenty of Accommodation Offers

Whether you are planning to stay for a month or two in Costa Rica, you will be surprised at how easy and practical it is to rent a fully furnished house.  Since we have welcomed many winter vacationers in the past, every day there are more apartments, condos and houses that are for rent for extended periods of time, specially near in the most frequented and preferred beaches. Now fleeing from the winter blues might be as easy as visiting your second home.